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Ancestry of Philip E. Hildreth


586. Jonathan HILDRETH

Jonathan was a Revolutioinary soldier, enlisting from Chesterfield, NH in General Stark's Brigade, which marched from Chesterfield on July 22, 1777. In February of 1778 or 1779 Jonathan, with his wife, their eight sons and one daughter, left Chesterfield and settled in Lisbon, NH in the part of the town known as Sugar Hill. There they built a log house in the woods about a quarter of a mile from where Jonathan later resided.  They made the journey from Chesterfield to Lisbon, over 100 miles, by ox sled in the dead of winter, and led their cow behind the sled. The cow soon died after their arrival. and what a calamity it must have been.

Jonathan was a Congregationalist, but became a deacon in the Baptist Church in Lisbon.

Information excerpted from THE HILDRETH FAMILY ASSOCIATION , Third Publication

587. Reuben HILDRETH

some records say born March 5

588. Shealtiel HILDRETH

The information on Shealtiel and his descendants has been furnished by Christine Pullman. Copies of Shealtiel's will (also sent to me) provide data on names of his offspring; their birth order is deduced from statements in that will. Other information is from family records.

"Chesterfield Town Records, Vol. 1, 1770 to 1793" from the New Hampshire State Library have birth name spelled "Shiltiel" . Information from Raymond C. Hildreth who received the information from Gretta Westenberger (


Possibly name is Berry

1349. Harry HILDRETH

possibly name is Henry

594. Lotan HILDRETH

Another source says Lotan born June 12,1812.


Petersham records give name as "Lucy" and date of marriage as December 6, 1784.  Records differ as to whether she was born in Petersham, MA or Putney, VT.  One record says she died on Jaanuary 20, 1853


Abel Fletcher married a second and a third time. The second was to Sally Willard of Chesterfield, NH on March 29, 1796. The third marriage was to Charlotte Hubbard. The last three children reported on page 85 of FIRST PUBLICATION, HILDRETH FAMILY ASSOCIATION, as Fletcher children must have been children of  Abel and Sally since the births occurred in 1798 for Phebe and August 1, 1800
for the twins, David Stoddard and Arad Hunt. For this reason they would not be in the Hildreth ancestral line and are not included in this pedigree genealogy. Since the date of birth of Alpheus in 1796 is not known and since the date of death of Phebe is not known it is not possible to assign definitely the mother of Alpheus.

Marriage Notes for Phebe Hildreth and Abel FLETCHER

Three children - Phebe (b. Feb 1,1798); David Stoddard and twin Arad Hunt (b.August 1, 1800) Must be children of second wife, Sally Willard whom Abel Married in 1796.

596. Edward HILDRETH

Different sources give birthdates os Sepember 14, 1766 and September 14, 1767

1384. Levi HILDRETH

Second source says born April 30, 1806.


Records speak of Jerusha as Mondal and Marble.

1404. Henry Ward HILDRETH

d. July 24, 1811 (F.R.) - July 29, 1811 (G.R.)