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Ancestry of Philip E. Hildreth


169. Sampson HILDRETH

Was Revolutionary War soldier.

Marriage Notes for Sampson Hildreth and Lydia PARLIN

babtised June 29, 1760

186. Ephraim HILDRETH

Was a captain in the Revolutionary War. Born in Westford, MA then lived in Amherst, NH
then lived in Landgrove, VT where he lived at the time  of his death.


Perhaps name is Bowers?

187. Jacob HILDRETH

or b. 1735 or 1739?


or Cummings?

189. David HILDRETH

(V.R.).  (F.R.) say  b. July 17, 1748;   Was Revolutionary soldier.

190. John HILDRETH

V.R.  F.R. say   b. February21, 1746

503. Anna HILDRETH

Anna or Ann.

Experience KEEP

Jan. 23 according to F.R.;  Feb 3 according to V.R. and F.R.