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Ancestry of Philip E. Hildreth



Concord History says her name  is  Mary Spaulding.

173. Mary HILDRETH

According to HFA Pub Three: Not possible to determine to which wife Mary belonged since 1st wife died in 1737 and Jonathan did not marry  second wife until 1738.  I expect she was born to 1st wife but
in 1731 not 173"7".


Hildreth Family Association Genealogy has Abel born on June 16,1733. if so, would have been twin of Lucy, born June 15, 1733. All listings I have seen have Benjamin (b. 1735) listed between Lucy and
Abel (born 1738) and then Ephraim, born in 1741.  I believe 1738 is correct date.

Another listing had Abel's name spelled Abial. I defer to Hildreth Family association listing.

Abigail (Shedd) HILL

Widow of Nathaniel Hill

93. Sarah HILDRETH

According to a genealogy by Edwin Colby Byam, Sarah ( wife of Jacob Byam) was listed as Sarah Hildred. Hildreth is correct.

According to the diary of Ebenezer Bridges, in 1760 widow of Oliver Adams
charged "widow Byam" (Sarah) with being a witch. Nothing more stated.